Mein freiwilliges Jahr in Mödling

Liva berichtet über ihren freiwilligen Dienst im Pflegezentrum

Hi! I am Liva from Latvia and I volunteered in a nursing and care home in Mödling, Austria.

My project took place during 2020, which was definitely a different and challenging year for everyone around the world; however, I think these special and challenging circumstances made my volunteering experience even more meaningful as I really felt that I was helping others and contributing to others’ wellbeing in these times.

My main task was to organise and assist in daily activities for the elderly – group activities at the beginning of the project (for example, quizzes, bingo, gymnastic exercises, singing), and individual activities later on – I went for walks in the garden with the elderly, played board games (I’ve learnt a lot of new games, even chess), or just talked to them. The elderly’s contact with their families was limited at times due to the Covid restrictions and I was glad to be there for them as best I could. Moreover, they also helped me with their presence and made my days full of joy as they were my “family” here in Austria. The most challenging part, however, was to know that I am working directly with a vulnerable, high risk group – it was a great responsibility and made me put others first during these times.

Even though quite some of my time in Austria was spent in lockdowns or with socialising restrictions, I still got to explore Austria, especially its nature. I did a lot of walking and hiking and my step-count has never been better, haha!

Mödling, where my project took place and where I stayed, is a cute town next to Vienna – it was a great location as it is very close to the capital and at the same time I had nature right at my fingertips (beautiful hiking routes, vineyards). Furthermore, this year made me understand myself more in terms of what I love doing and it showed me new things that I am good at. I really enjoyed my experience and my tasks, and improved my German skills as I was using German daily at the project.

If someone is considering volunteering, I definitely suggest doing it. Ideally, think of a topic that is dear to your heart and find a project that will make your eyes spark. When other perks of volunteering such as traveling and socialising might be limited, doing something you love will give you the strength and make your volunteering experience much easier and more amazing.

Wishing everyone wonderful ESC experiences!

Liva 🙂


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