Eliza's austrian adventures

Ganz neu in unserem Team dürfen wir Eliza begrüßen!

Als ESK - Freiwillige unterstützt sie uns tatkräftig in der Jugend:info NÖ. Hier erzählt sie uns, wie es für sie war, nach Österreich zu kommen.

Until the landing on Austrian land, I couldn't believe I would make it. Why? Well, as you’ve probably noticed, this year is quite different from others. It took me all summer to prepare and get every document I need. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the way was long and tiring. But I’m glad that in the end I was able to come and start my volunteering service in Jugendinfo NÖ.  

 Honestly, when the situation was getting worse in the world and many countries were closed for foreigners, I thought I won’t come to St. Pölten in time. There was also a possibility not to come at all. Even though I tried to stay positive the fear of not coming was getting on my nerves.  

But then everything started getting better. I finally got my so much desired visa and with shaking hands wrote about that to Jugendinfo. And all I needed to do was to book a flight, make a test and pack my things! To my surprise, the last one was the hardest task.  

When day X finally came, I looked at the room I was living, grabbed my big yellow suitcase, hugged my mom and came aboard.   

This is how my story of becoming ESC volunteer began! 

Austria met me with beautiful landscapes that I had pleasure to see from the little window in the airplane.  

And St. Pölten met me with a delicious Greek food! Yeah, that’s right. The first meal I tried in Austria was Greek, but I must tell it was worth it! The centre of the city is very old and gives you these vintage vibes of Europeans cities. The one you imagine when you think about typical European city. And I totally love it!  

I’m really glad that I had a possibility to contact a former volunteer because it is always a good thing to be able to ask questions someone who had done it before you. So, I hope that my story will help somebody as well. People are always afraid of unknown because they don’t know what to expect and how to deal with it. So, when you read about someone’s experience it somehow gives you some confidence.  

If you’re interested to read about my experience here, in St. Pölten, stay tuned for more stories from me!  

I also wanted to tell that if you’re having troubles right now because of the situation in the world, please, don’t give up! I know, it’s frustrating, but, eventually, everything would be okay! Keep going! 


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