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Eliza erzählt über die neue Broschüre von ERYICA

Nowadays we’re flooded with information, but we must understand we cannot believe everything we see. In this case, it’s important to know where you can find trustful and unbiased information. For this matter we have youth information centres that are called upon to help young people.

Interested in what kind information service you can get in youth centres and get a clear picture of Youth Information network? Then take a look on a new brochure about Youth Information and Counselling in Europe provided by ERIYCA!

What is ERYiCA?

The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) is an independent European non-governmental, non-profit association based in Luxemburg.

The main goal of ERYICA is to deliver full and reliable information of all topics that interest young people and can ease making the life choices, develop critical thinking ability as well as becoming an active participant in society.

There is no better way to describe its work than with this quote by ERYICA’S President Jaana Fedotoff “Youth-friendly information for young people and with young people”. It explains the aim and the way it has to work perfectly!

In 2020 ERYICA had 38 national and regional youth coordination bodies and solid networks from 26 countries.

What "Youth Information and Counselling in Europe in 2020" publication is about?

In this booklet you can find detailed overview of organizations that coordinate and provide information services in Europe. Apart from that, there are also shown the implementation of the principles of the European Youth Information Charter and shared brief good practice examples. The publication describes importance and state of youth information in modern days.

You can find there what info topics are covered by youth information services, main online tools the centres use to communicate with young people, methods are used to involve young people in information provision and so on. For instance, peer to peer activities, outreach activities and youth ambassadors are highly used by YI centres.

Every Federal state of Austria had established cooperation network of youth work organisations. It’s coordinated by National Network of Austrian Youth Information Centers (Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos in German), which works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth.

Youth services in Austria are provided by youth information centres, youth centres, youth clubs, hobby schools, youth organisations, schools, etc.

All over Austria there are currently 28 Youth Information Centres and 100 YI workers.

What has the Jugend:info NÖ to do with ERIYCA?

Jugend:info is a part of Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos. That means we share the same tasks and values and have to follow the quality criteria from ERYICA. We are part of the 28 YI centres in Austria that are working on engaging young people in dialogue and providing information services for free!

So, want to know more about youth information in Europe? Then click the link https://www.eryica.org/tools-resources and download the publication for free!

Youth information is about informing and empowering young people. Every day we work on delivering this goal!


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