Mein freiwilliges Jahr in Waidhofen an der Ybbs

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Fatma hat ihren ESK-Einsatz für ein Jahr im Jugendzentrum Bagger in Waidhofen an der Ybbs absolviert.


 I'm Fatma. In September 2021, I started my journey that will add great meaning to my life. On my first day, I got off the train from Vienna Airport and came to Waidhofen/Ybbs, my second home, watching the magnificent Austrian landscape and dreaming of the future. Why do I call it my second home? Because I have embraced this place very much and I feel as if I have always lived here.  It may sound boring, but I am a person who likes calmness and being with nature very much. Waidhofen/Ybbs allowed me to take a break from my stressful and hectic life. Austrian people also have a big share in this. People in Austria are really calm and kind. Although I had difficulties in communicating at the beginning of my project, with the improvement of my German, I started to understand them and exchange cultures with them. Learning new things about Austrian culture made me really happy.  

I had many experiences in Bagger, a youth center where I volunteered.  Here I met many young people and even adults from different origins and cultures. This diversity has really contributed a lot to the development of my point of view. Because when I was in Turkey, I was not living in a multicultural city. 

While talking with young people like a friend most of the time, we also played games, cooked meals and participated in various creative projects. The most sympathetic point for me is that although we could not fully understand each other due to the language barrier, we were able to turn these moments into enjoyable ones.  

I also gained a lot of new ideas about working with young people by observing and consulting with my colleagues at Bagger. I can say that I also had professional experience during my volunteering. My goal is to reflect this experience in my future business life. 

In this process, I also devoted myself to getting to know Austria and Europe. First of all, I started walking, climbing and  feeling the warm wind by bike in the city I live in. On my days off, I visited Austria and various European countries. I discovered many new places that I admired and couldn't take my eyes off watching, and I met many people in these places. Of course, besides this, I met many volunteering friends during our trainings and had a really good time with them. 

Time is really fast. There are only a few days left to return to my homeland. I have mixed feelings. I am both sad and very happy. I am sad because I will say goodbye to the beautiful moments I have saved and to Austria. I am happy because I have gained a lot of experience and I will meet my family and friends. I think my heart will always be filled with longing. 

Now I want to look back and say; Fortunately, I did not start working immediately after my university life and I applied to this project with the desire to find what I wanted and discover new things. I'm grateful for everything. I am very lucky to be with such friendly colleagues with Jugendinfo NÖ who always supports me. Thank you to my team for everything! 

For the last time, I want to say to those who encounter this article; Instead of planning your every moment, immerse yourself in the ways of the unknown and uncertainty. Life is really more exciting and worth living then!